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Helping your Child Recover from Crystal Meth Abuse

It’s always devastating to have someone in your family suffer from crystal meth abuse. This devastation is magnified when the addicted individual happens to be your child. Unfortunately, crystal meth abuse doesn’t just happen to adults. In fact, a great number of crystal meth addicts are in their teens, some as young as 14 years old. How do you deal with crystal meth abuse when it happens to your child?

Know the first signs of crystal meth abuse

You won’t be able to treat it unless you spot it, so it’s time for you to learn the first few crystal meth use symptoms. Those who are using crystal meth tend to be sleepless and show rapid weight loss. If your child can sleep for two straight days only to “crash” the next 48 hours, s/he might be into crystal meth abuse. The rapid weight loss can’t go unnoticed. As you can see with before and after meth addicts, their cheeks are drawn in and they have large dark circles around their eyes. First time users, while they’re on a high, will tend to be overly excited, talkative, and hyperactive.

Those who have been into crystal meth abuse will realize that the highs and the weight loss effects are temporary. These will later be replaced with more serious side effects including meth mouth, paranoia, hallucinations, violent rages, heart stroke, and even brain damage. All of these can be severe enough to cause death, so it’s really important for you to report crystal meth abuse as early as you can and get help for your child before it’s too late.

What kind of help to look for

It’s also important for you to choose the right kind of treatment for your child’s crystal meth abuse. Any mistake can cause relapses and make it harder for your child to recover from the addiction. First of all, try to look for a crystal meth abuse rehab facility with programs that can be customized according to the patient’s needs. You have to remember that each case of addiction is unique, and template treatments can only too easily overlook elements which are triggering the addiction.

Since this is your child we’re talking about, get the best kind of treatment you can afford so that your child can be comfortable while the treatment is going on. Luxury treatment facilities are ideal, and you’ll be glad to know that they also have the highest success rates for recovery in the country. If you don’t think you can afford this, don’t worry because there are financial aids available. Just make sure that you choose a crystal meth abuse rehab program which minimized relapse risks as much as possible. 

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